Private Lives

Private Lives

If you are visiting London and want to spend an evening really fun, you can’t avoid to see the play “Private Lives” at Vaudevelle Strand Theater at the Strand with Matthew Macfadyen (in the role of Eliot) and Kim Kattrall (the beautiful and intriguing Amanda).
Our actors play with great vivacity the exhilarating play by Noël Coward.
After a brief and stormy marriage Eliot and Amanda divorce… and now, five years later, meet by chance on the terrace adjoining the bedrooms occupied respectively with new spouses on their honeymoon.
Ever since the unexpected meeting will include how much passion has inspired their past love, strong enough to return after a few intriguing and exciting moments together.
And so the mad rush and escape to Paris, leaving in despair Victor (the very good Simon Paisley Day) and Queenie (Lisa Dillon).
The passion between Eliot and Amanda is manifested in strong love but also in violent quarrels, the pair were unable to share a normal search in vain in a second marriage: their characters too loud, too demanding of absolute love.
Clashes quickly become verbal, physical, and our players did not even spare sound slaps.
Variety finally by their spouse, even willing to forgive them, they seem at first, driven by resentment of a night of excessive alcohol and discussions, both wanting to resign secure than normal which was the only reason for remarriage.
But even when Sybil and Victor collide with each other hysterically, lost in the narrowness of their way to make correct but too much control, Eliot and Amanda find themselves complicit and amused spectators of a world they give up again.

Matthew Macfadyen really demonstrates a strong stage presence and total instinctive, immediate, dynamic and perfect timing, modulated between passion involving, the exhilarating and fascinating physical gags not only a dialectical character he represented in a totally original: a lovable scoundrel which there may not fall in love, whose gentle voice in song too excited and almost frightening when you strong and aggressive against Victor but especially those of Amanda.

Kim Kattrall takes almost all his artistry and if someone comes to the theater in the wake of his film fame, she discovers an intensity and skill of interpretation that only by sitting in the audience can grasp.
So the characters “minor”, these are obviously not all, underlying the comedy with a realization of comic and pathetic figure who will never know what’s true passion, the one that completes a love that not even the sanctity of the vote may withhold so violent that constant risk of self-destruct.

Kim and Matthew on stage

Kim and Matthew on stage

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Private Lives (Noel Coward work) will arrive to the West End’s Vaudeville Theatre  from February 24th 2010 after two week at the Theatre Royal Bath.

Private Lives is one of Noel Coward’s most interesting comedy.


Matthew Macfadyen

Kim Cattrall

Directed by Richard Eyre.

For informations ant tickets: Vaudeville Theatre, 404 Strand, London, WC2R 0NH.

Ticket prices from £ 25.00 to £ 49.50. Call the box office at 0844 412 4663.

Performances: Wednesday February 24 – Saturday May 1 at 7.30 pm. [Matinees Thursday and Saturday, 2.30 pm].

Sale begins Monday December 7 and booking opens Saturday November 21.

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